Linear Bushes / LM Bearings

Linear Bushes

Linear Bushing / LM Bearings model LM is a linear motion system used in combination with a cylindrical Lm shaft to perform infinite straight motion. The balls in the loaded area of the nut are in point contact with the LM shaft. This allows straight motion with minimal friction resistance and achieves highly accurate and smooth motion despite the small permissible load.

The nut uses high-carbon chromium bearing steel and its outer and inner surfaces are ground after being heat-treated.

The Linear Bushing / LM Bearings is used in a broad array of applications, such as slide units of precision equipment including OA equipment and peripherals, measuring instruments, automatic recorders and digital 3D measuring instruments, industrial machines including multi-spindle drilling machine, punching press, tool grinder, automatic gas cutting apparatus, printing machine, card selector and food packing machine

Linear Bushes

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