Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes / Plates


COMPOSITION : Cu= 60 – 65%
Al= 3-7.5%
Fe= 2-5%
Mn= 2.5-5%
Zn = balance.
HARDNESS : 180-210 BHN
LOAD : 750 N/mm2
PV VALUE : 20 N/cm2
DETAILS : It has a backing made of high tensile manganese bronze with a Special filling of prescription of solid lubricant inserted with certain angle & Density into the surface and processed with precision finishing. It is mainly Used for high load and moderate speed application.


Applications of oilless bearings

  • ✦ Where it is inaccessible or difficult to lubricate bearings.
  • ✦ Where hours for design, assembly and maintenance need to be saved.
  • ✦ Where it is difficult to lubricate bearings due to high / low temperature.
  • ✦ Where minimum space is required for bearings.
  • ✦ Where corrosion resistance or waterproofing is required.
  • ✦ Where there is dust in the operating environment.
  • ✦ Where oil contamination is not desired.
  • ✦ Where high load and low speed operation that does not accept lubrication is required.
  • ✦ Where oscillation, reciprocating or frequent start and stop operations that makes lubrication insignificant are required.
  • ✦ Where deterioration of lubrication oil occurs due to non-maintenance for a long time.

Type Base Material
Application range
Physical Properties
maximum allowable load maximum allowable sliding speed maximum allowable PV value Limit Temperature Specific gravity Hardness Elongation Tensile strength Coefficient of linear expansion
    N / mm2 m / min N / mm2
m / min
0c     % N / mm2 10 -5/ 0c
Solid Lubricant Bearing Metal Copper Alloy 100 15 200 300 8.0 HB 210 or more 12 or
775 or
FG260 5 50 50 400 7.1
- 7.3
HB 100
----------- 150
Case Hardening Steel 30 10 60 400 7.8 HRC 55 or more 17 or
700 or

  Oilless Bearing Slide Bearing With Lubrication Roll Bearing
Lubricatiting Conditions Acceptable without lubrication Lubrication is required Acceptable without lubrication on some cases
Bearing Conditions Lord resistance Good for extreme high load Depend on lubrication and speed Not good
Speed resistance Good for low / medium speed Good for medium / high speed Good for medium / high speed
Oscillating characteristics Good Not Good Not good
Intermittent operation Good Not Good Good
Reciprocating operation Good Not Good Not good expect for special bearing
Impact resistance Good Good Not good
Fretting resistance Good Good Not good
Coefficient of friction Relatively high Depends on lubrication, load and speed Very small
Environment Conditions Heat resistance Good depending on the type Depends on oil heat resistance Not good
Corrosion resistance Good depending on the type Good depending on the type Not good
Waterproof Good Not good except for special bearing Waterproof is required
Soundproof Good Good Not good
Effect by foreign matter Minor Minor Large
Mating Material Material Usually special steel Usually special steel Normal steel
Surface finish 3-12 µ mR max 3 µ mR max or less 6-12 µ mR max
Shape of material Max. size Generally unlimited Generally unlimited Limited
Limitation to shape Generally unlimited Generally unlimited Limited
Fitting Clearance Ralatively large Relatively small Extremely small
Tolerance Varies depending on the type Relatively good Good

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