Dry Bushes & Washers

Dry Bushes
Dry Bushes


These are steel backed bronze Impregnated bushes mainly used for High Load application upto 250 N/mm2 and temperature upto +280°C.
DU type MDU is a composite material consisting of three layers viz., steel backing (Low Carbon Steel), A Porous Bronze (90% Cu & 10% Sn) sintered Matrix, overlaid with a mixture of PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluro Ethylene) and Lead.
Steel Backing provides the underlying strength while porous bronze sintered layer provides the strong mechanical bond for the impregnated
PTFE/LEAD mixture.

1. Dimensional Chart For DU type MDU - DRY Bushes ( Plain Bushes )  

2. Dimensional Chart For DU type FDU - DRY Bushes ( Flanged Bushes )  

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