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Sintered Bronze / Iron Sintered Self Lubricated Bushes

MDU / MDX Dry Bushes &            Washers

Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes

Phosphor Bronze Bushes /    Parts With Close   Dimensional  Accuracy

Aluminium Bronze Bushes /    Parts With Close Dimensional    Accuracy
Sintered Bronze / Iron Sintered Self Lubricated Bushes
Sintered Porous Metal Bearings are Powder metallurgical parts, the starting materials are obviously metal .....
DU / DX Dry Bushes & Washers
These are steel backed bronze Impregnated bushes mainly used for High Load application upto 250 N/mm2 and .....

Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes
It has a backing made of high tensile manganese bronze with a Special filling of prescription of solid lubricant inserted with certain angle ......
Phosphor Bronze Bushes / Parts With Close Dimensional Accuracy
Material Possesses Good Anti Friction Properties Combined with Plasticity & Suitable for Heavy Loaded applications being applied where Lubrication is doubtful. .....
Aluminium Bronze Bushes / Parts With Close Dimensional Accuracy
Corrossion resistance alloy having superior strength & is generally used for impeller / Bushes .....

Gun Metal Bushes / Parts
  with close Dimensional   Accuracy

Half Shell Bearings & Bushes

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Gun Metal Bushes / Parts
Suitable for General Casting & has wide application in all types of Machineries & Engines. CHEMICAL SPECIFICATION GENERALLY USED. ....

Half Shell Bearings & Bushes
Very high lead contents allows higher running speeds. High load carrying capacity. Suitable for  .....


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